LetsPlay-Sichtung beendet „The Station“

„How would you react to the discovery of an advanced but violent alien civilisation in the midst of a civil war? That’s the question that opens the pitch for sci-fi explore-o-puzzler The Station, and it’s intriguing enough for me to want to check out the game based on that alone. You play as a recon specialist sent to investigate a supposedly undetectable surveillance station that’s cut off communication, where you’ll uncover what went down via the crew’s AR logs. “ (Quelle)

Ja, PC Gamer, da gebe ich Dir recht: „It’s only as long as it needs to be and it goes out with a bang, which are the bones of any good story. “ Mir gefiel der kurze Ausflug mit genug Pull Narrative auf der Habenseite (obgleich ich auf einen anderen Plot Twist wettete). Gerne mehr davon.

Let’s Play beendet „What Remains of Edith Finch“

What Remains of Edith Finch is a first-person narrative adventure video game for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. As Edith, players travel back to the Finch family home in Washington to explore her ancestral history after recent family events drive her to learn more about herself and the Finches. Edith explores the house through regular doors and secret passageways, as well as the individual rooms of deceased family members who have been preserved like frozen moments in time. Players experience varied stories related to particular family members, with thematic and gameplay elements that change from story to story.“ (Quelle)

In sieben Folgen begleiten die GameTube-LetsPlayer Edith auf ihrem Weg durch ein Haus…oder…ist es eher eine Mischung aus Seelenreise und Bewußtseinserweiterung? Es war auf jeden Fall eine feine Sache, mitgenommen zu werden. Gediegen, sehr gediegen.