Streaming-Serien-Sichtung „Moonbase 3“

Moonbase 3 is a British science fiction television programme that ran for six episodes in 1973.[1] It was a co-production between the BBC, 20th Century Fox and the American ABC network.[2] Created by Doctor Who producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks as a realistic alternative strand of TV science-fiction,[1] it was not a commercial or critical success (Dicks himself has stated in a foreword to a collection of Tom Baker-era Doctor Who scripts that they „overdid the grimness and forgot about the sense of wonder that science fiction is all about“).[3] 


Eigentlich schade, dass es bereits nach sechs Folgen zu Ende ist. Etwa fünf, gut investierte Stunden sind das.

DVD-Sichtung „Logan’s Run“ (TV-Serie)

„Logan’s Run is a 1977 American television series, a spin-off from the 1976 film of the same name. The series starred Gregory Harrison as title character Logan 5, and Heather Menzies as Jessica 6. The series maintains the basic premise and visual style of the film in that Logan and Jessica have escaped from the „City of Domes“ so that they will not have to die once they reach the age of 30. However, the series differs from the plot of the movie in various ways, and depicts Logan and Jessica on the run in each episode in various locations on future Earth as they search for the mythical place known as „Sanctuary“. Logan and Jessica are also assisted in each episode by an android called Rem (Donald Moffat) who did not appear in the film version. The series lasted only 14 episodes before it was cancelled.“ (Quelle)

Horizental wird hier nicht sonderlich viel erzählt. Wie gemein – die „Besprechung“ so anzufangen. Also nochmal: Der Vibe? Vielleicht am ehesten alte Enterprise-Folgen, wenn auf „fremden“ Planeten gelandet wird? Also mit dem Film jedenfalls hat das nicht soooo viel zu tun. Macht aber nichts. How long will Logan be able to run? HOW LONG?

Seriensichtung „Blake’s 7 – Staffel 2“

„The Liberator is recaptured by the people that built it. Orac’s prophecy is fulfilled when it destroys an identical space vehicle.[26] Blake wants to attack the heart of the Federation and he targets the main computer control facility on Earth. Avon agrees to help on condition that Blake gives him Liberator when the Federation has been destroyed. Blake, Avon, Vila and Gan reach the control facility and find an empty room. Travis reveals that the computer facility was secretly relocated years before and the old location was left as a decoy. Blake and his crew escape but Travis throws a grenade in the confined area and Gan is killed by falling rubble.[27]  After Gan’s death, Blake considers the future of the rebellion, and Travis is convicted of war crimes by a Federation court martial at Space Command Headquarters aboard a space station. Blake decides to restore his group’s reputation and attacks the space station, but Travis escapes and continues his vendetta against Blake.[28] Meanwhile, Blake seeks the new location of the computer control facility. He learns that it is now named Star One.[29] When Star One begins to malfunction, Servalan also becomes desperate to find its location. The facility’s failure causes many problems across the Federation. Star One controls a large defensive barrier that has prevented extra-galactic incursions. Blake discovers Star One‘s location and finds that, with help from Travis, aliens from the Andromeda galaxy have infiltrated it. Vila discovers a fleet of alien spacecraft beyond the barrier. Travis partially disables the barrier. Blake and his crew overcome the aliens at Star One and kill Travis, but the gap in the barrier allows the aliens to invade. Jenna calls for help from the Federation, where Servalan has conducted a military coup, imposed martial law and declared herself President. Servalan dispatches the Federation’s battle fleets to repel the invaders, who begin to breach the barrier. With Blake badly wounded, Liberator by Avon’s direction, alone until Servalan’s battle fleets arrive, fights against the aliens.“

So langsam wachsen mir die Damen und Herren ans Herz, vor allem Blake und Avon ist heftige Bromance! #Awww

Seriensichtung „Blake’s 7“ (Staffel 01)

Blake’s 7 is a British science fiction television series produced by the BBC. Four 13-episode series were broadcast on BBC1 between 1978 and 1981. It was created by Terry Nation, who also created the Daleks for the television series Doctor Who. (…) The main character, at least initially, was Roj Blake, played by Gareth Thomas. The series was inspired by various fictional media, including Robin Hood, Star Trek, Passage to Marseille, The Dirty Dozen, Brave New World and classic Western stories, as well as real-world political conflicts in South America and Israel. Blake’s 7 was popular from its first broadcast, watched by approximately 10 million in the UK and shown in 25 other countries. Although many tropes of space opera are present, such as spaceships, robots, galactic empires and aliens, its budget was inadequate for its interstellar theme. Critical responses have been varied (…).“ (Quelle)

Via Doctor-Who-DVD-Extra kam ich über Umwege auf Blake’s 7. Die 13 Folgen der ersten Staffel gefielen mir super: Auch wenn das Budget hinten und vorne fehlt, macht der dunkle Unterton das Ganze wett. Schließlich sind sich die Figuren alles andere als grün und fortlaufend zeigt das Imperium, äh, die Föderation ihre Schweinseite. Da bleibe ich mal dran.


800plus Folgen später: Mein Doctor-Who-Ranking – wer war denn nun der Beste seit 1963?

Am 22. Februar 2014 hielt ich folgende Prophezeiung fest: „Wenn man wie ich, ein Frischling in dieser Welt ist, darf man keine Sekunde zögern! Keine Sekunde! Das Herz springt und jauchzt!“ Worum es da ging? Nun, ich hatte mich entschlossen, den Ursprüngen von Doctor Who auf den Grund zu gehen.

Gestern weilte ich im Kino, um die aktuelle Weihnachtsfolge des Doctor (Kurzkritik in einem, nein zwei Adjektiven: „Herzlichst, aber überfrachtet!“) zu sehen, von 1963 bis 2017 ist es eine weite (Medien-)reise gewesen, auf die ich mich über DVDs, das Kino, Streaming-Dienste, Bluray, Comics und Hörspiele begeben hatte und auf der ich wohl auch weiterhin unterwegs sein werde.

Nach über 800 Episoden Sehzeit (plus DVD-Extras) wage ich es daher nun, mein persönliches Doktoren-Ranking aufzustellen:















PS: Eigentlich sollte man Schlimm-Ledersacko-Eccleston noch weiter nach hinten schieben. So.


DVD-Sichtung „Doctor Who – Attack of the Cybermen“

Attack of the Cybermen is the first serial of the 22nd season in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in two weekly parts from 5 January to 12 January 1985. Beginning with this serial and continuing for the remainder of Season 22, episodes were 45 minutes in length (…). Attack of the Cybermen is a sequel to the previous season’s Resurrection of the Daleks. Like the previous serial, it features an action-oriented script by Eric Saward (written this time under the pseudonym of Paula Moore), a London setting, the return of director Matthew Robinson and the second appearance of the mercenary Commander Lytton, played by Maurice Colbourne.“ (Quelle)

Verworren. Überbordend. Und immer noch ein Doctor-Darsteller, der die Rolle karikiert statt sie zu spielen. #NotAwesome