Streamingsichtung „The Lodger“

The Lodger is a 1944 horror film about Jack the Ripper, based on the novel of the same name by Marie Belloc Lowndes. It stars Merle Oberon, George Sanders and Laird Cregar, features Sir Cedric Hardwicke and was directed by John Brahm from a screenplay by Barré Lyndon. Lowndes‘ story had previously been filmed in 1926 as a silent film, The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and with sound in 1932 as The Lodger. It was remade again in 1953 as Man in the Attic, starring Jack Palance and again in 2009 by David Ondaatje.“ (Quelle)

Das war ein guter Abend, erst stolpere ich über Gantz: 0 bei Netflix und dann hatte ich hier das Glück, auf YouTube den Lodger zu finden. Und der wiederum hat nicht nur einen fantastischen Hauptdarsteller am Psycho-Stizzle, sondern bietet eine bombige Kameraarbeit.

Streaming-Sichtung „The Woman Eater“

The Woman Eater (AKA Womaneater on its original UK release), is a low budget 1958 black and white British horror film.[1] It was directed by Charles Saunders, and starred George Coulouris and Vera Day. It recounted the story of a crazed scientist who feeds women to a flesh-eating tree, in return for a life-giving serum extracted from the plant.“ (Quelle)

Bodenlos. Und für die Killerpflanze bitte die Essen hodenlos. Hihi. So, und jetzt nochmal in echt: Angesichts der Pflanze ein ernsthaftes Gesicht zu bewahren…ist einen, nein, mehrere Preise würdig!

Streaming-Sichtung „Attack of the Puppet People“

Attack of the Puppet People (also known as I Was a Teenage Doll (working title), Six Inches Tall (UK) and The Fantastic Puppet People) is a 1958 American black-and-white science fiction horror film directed, produced and written by Bert I. Gordon. It stars John Hoyt as an eccentric doll maker. It was produced by Alta Vista Productions and distributed by American International Pictures as a double feature with War of the Colossal Beast. The film was rushed into production by American International Pictures and Bert I. Gordon to capitalize on the success of The Incredible Shrinking Man, which had been released in 1957.“ (Quelle)

Kurzweilig. Genauso hatte ich mir meinen Grippe-Abend auf der Couch vorgestellt. Ich wurde nicht enttäuscht.