Podcast gelauscht „Parkdale Haunt“ (Season 1-3)

„Parkdale Haunt is an award-winning horror fiction podcast about friendship, ghosts, cults, family, and the nightmare that is real estate in Toronto. When Judith Antoni’s best friend, Claire Sterback, takes off without warning, it’s up to her and her friend Owen to work backwards and figure out what happened to her. Claire had come into possession of a house in the Parkdale neighbourhood, left to her by a long lost relative, but not long after she started going to the house, things began to get weird. She became irritable and erratic, not to mention her sudden sleepwalking and mumbling in dead languages. Is it the stress of the house? The anxiety caused by her flailing relationship? Or does it have anything to do with the creepy writing on the walls in the basement? Either way, something is wrong, and no one is safe in that house…“ (Quelle)

Ja, es stimmt, wenn man Geister und Besessene zu Tode quatschen könnte, wären das hier die besten Geisterjäger der Welt. Please, shut up (with yr feelinX). Aber dann lauscht man eben doch weiter.