Hörspiellauschung abgeschlossen: „Iz“ (Miranda Emmerson)

„One man risks everything in order to find the woman he loves – a woman he has only met in a virtual world. Miranda Emmerson’s disquieting sci-fi thriller. In 2091, British citizens live in 24-hour curfew, confined to solitary housing units and communicate entirely through virtual worlds. Students Lee and Iz have been dating each other virtually for three years, but when Lee fails an important exam, he is suddenly cut off from Iz and everything he knows. He sets out on a journey across a deserted England, determined to find the real Iz.“ (Quelle: BBC)

Da gibt es doch diesen GI in Saving Private SchnickSchnack, der zusieht, wie sein Kollege erstochen wird. Genau sympathisch ist am Ende auch der Protagonist hier.