Streaming-Sichtung „Night Voices: The Hospice“

„Like a lot of Aickman’s stories, The Hospice is deliberately enigmatic – what exactly is going on is often obscure but that’s part of what makes his work so fascinating and unsettling. Maybury (Jack Shepherd) finds himself lost and running low on petrol deep in the English countryside. He gets out to explore, passing a statue of Christ that seems to move to follow his progress, and is attacked by a small animal that we barely get a glimpse of. Eventually he makes his way to the eponymous hospice, a strange country house where the mostly elderly guests seem to be treated in the lap of luxury. Unable to get any practical help from the sinister maitre d’ (Alan Dobie), he accepts the offer to stay the night and is put in a room with the eccentric and neurotic Bannard (Jonathan Cecil). An uneasy night haunted by strange dreams ends with the discovery – off screen – of a dead body and Maybury’s unorthodox departure from the hospice.“ (Quelle)

Was für ein Glücksfund! In kurzer Zeit wird hier eine surreale Atmosphäre erzeugt, die sich immer weiter steigert. Dabei ist nicht nur der Hauptdarsteller zu nennen, sondern ebenfalls die fantastische Kameraarbeit sowie die Musik.