DVD-Review „Rare Chills“

„There’s nothing like a bit of horror to get the adrenaline flowing through your veins and blood pumping through your heart at a rapid pace and British TV has been more than happy to oblige over the decades. (…) In the case of The Shadow of Death, you can be excused as it’s an unaired pilot that was, for many years, only available on a Philips 1500 tape which had seen better days. Thankfully, the son of one of the actors just happened to have a 16mm print of the production in much better condition. Thankfully, both of these films are now being released on DVD as Rare Chills.“ (Quelle)

Die beiden Geschichten machen beide richtig Freude – wobei die erste wirklich gelitten hat. Aber dennoch sind es zwei großartige Ausflüge in die 1970er.