Streaming-Sichtung „The Corpse“

„The Corpse (released in North America as Crucible of Horror) is a 1971 British horror film, produced by Gabrielle Beaumont and directed by Viktors Ritelis. It stars Michael Gough, Yvonne Mitchell, Sharon Gurney, and Simon Gough. The film tells the story of an English businessman who has for years and in various ways abused his wife and daughter. Eventually, they kill him. But he inexplicably comes back to life and their day-to-day lives immediately revert to the way that they were before he died. The film was shot in 1969 but not released to theatres in the UK until 1971 under the title The Corpse. It was retitled Crucible of Horror for its US theatrical release, also in 1971.“ (Quelle)

Eine kleine Perle, die sich nicht so recht einordnen lassen will. Einzelne, individuelle Stellschrauben gegen das familiäre Gewaltregime sind keine strukturelle Lösung -> meine Lesart.