Streaming-Sichtung „BuyBust“

BuyBust (styled BUYBUST) is a 2018 Philippine action thriller[6] film co-written and directed by Erik Matti. It stars an ensemble cast top-billed by Anne Curtis and Brandon Vera. The plot centers on a team summoned by the PDEA to conduct a drug bust in a Manila slum. Realizing the mission is poorly executed, the team find themselves trapped by settlers and attempts to escape by fighting their way out. The film has been viewed as a social commentary on the controversial Philippine Drug War initiated by the Duterte government.“ (Quelle)

„Foreign and domestic critics praised the film for the intensity of its action scenes“ – erstaunlich, muss ein anderer Film gewesen sein. Ich sah einen, in dem Schusswunden und Messerstiche einfach keine Folgen haben. Einen, der zu viele Stuntmen von selbst durch den Raum springen. Victor Neri, well, der neigt wenigstens nicht zum Overacten hoch 5.