Lektüre beendet „1916: The Easter Rising“

„On April 14, 1916, it all began–and 6 short but bloody days later, true Irish independence emerged from the ruins. Coogan’s outstanding account of this seminal event provides a testament to a turning point in Irish history and to those who perished in the struggle. Born of the thwarted, democratically expressed desire for Home Rule–as well as political confusion–the Easter Uprising started when rebels seized a number of strong points in Dublin. The subsequent executions of the leaders, along with the arrest, court-martial, and detention of 3500 people, won the insurgents sympathy and resulted in an overwhelming desire for freedom among the public.“ (Quelle)

„Not always easy reading but a book from which more than just Irish citizens can learn“ , meint die Kirkus-Besprechung … zurecht, der Einstieg ist für Nicht-Szenekenner etwas, nun, sperrig. Aber dann, dann reitet das Pony!