Let’s-Play-Sichtung beendet „Oakwood“

„Dinosaurs will be prowling the forests of British Columbia in the upcoming game Oakwood, which launches next month on Steam. Developed by Breaking Dimensions in collaboration with Polygon Dust, the survival horror game will differ from most stories featuring dinosaurs in a modern setting in that it will clearly focus on tension and suspense over action set pieces, with the player initially being equipped with only a flashlight, hardly an effective weapon against giant hungry reptiles. Seeing as you won’t be able to fight the dinosaurs, stealth will be your best friend if you don’t want to get eaten.“ (Quelle)

Gutes Timing. Der klassische Dinosaurier als Bedrohung. Vermutlich interessanter als unheimliches Mädchen Nummer 9.434! Gut, dass reichlich im Dunkeln spielt – unter helleren Bedingungen wäre die PS2-Grafik dann doch zu augenscheinlich gewesen. Schönes Sounddesign, though!