Lektüre beendet „The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone“ (Steven Sloman/Philip Fernbach)

„Humans have built hugely complex societies and technologies, but most of us don’t even know how a pen or a toilet works. How have we achieved so much despite understanding so little? Cognitive scientists Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach argue that we survive and thrive despite our mental shortcomings because we live in a rich community of knowledge. The key to our intelligence lies in the people and things around us. We’re constantly drawing on information and expertise stored outside our heads: in our bodies, our environment, our possessions, and the community with which we interact—and usually we don’t even realize we’re doing it.“ (Quelle)

In der Kirkus Review finden wir den Satz „Some of the book seems self-evident…“ in der Besprechung. Und genau das ist der gefährlich Grund, auf dem sich eben auch die Gesellschaft laut Buch zu bewegen scheint: Seems self-evident. The illusion of knowledge. QED. Thanks.



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