Streaming-Sichtung „The Whip and the Body“

„The Whip and the Body (Italian: La frusta e il corpo) is a 1963 Italian-French gothic horror film directed by Mario Bava. The film is about Kurt Menliff (Christopher Lee) who is ostracized by his father for his relationship with a servant girl. He later returns, but falls madly in love with his brother’s wife Nevenka (Daliah Lavi). Menliff is later found murdered, but the locals believe his ghost has returned to haunt the castle for revenge. Italian censors removed the film from cinemas due to its sadomasochistic themes. The international cut features some significant changes, and runs for 77 minutes. It was released theatrically as What and Night is the Phantom in the United States and United Kingdom, respectively.“ (Quelle)

Körper und Peitsche. Das mag für so manchen Zeitgenossen wie ein aus den Fugen geratener Gender-Studies-Band klingen, ist aber doch ein Lehrstück in Sachen Farbgewalt. Sehr unterhaltsam, was Lee da so auf das Bild, äh, peitscht. Hihi.

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