DVD-Sichtung „Doctor Who: City of Death“

City of Death is the second serial of the seventeenth season of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which depicts the adventures of a time-travelling humanoid alien known as the Doctor. It was produced by the BBC and first broadcast in four weekly parts between 29 September 1979 and 20 October 1979 on BBC1. The serial was written by „David Agnew“ – a pseudonym for David Fisher, Douglas Adams, and Graham Williams – and directed by Michael Hayes. City of Death features the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and his companion Romana (Lalla Ward). Set mainly in Paris in 1979, the plot concerns a scheme by an alien, Scaroth, to steal the Mona Lisa to finance experiments in time travel in the hope of averting the accident that marooned him on Earth four hundred million years previously, which began the existence of life on the planet as well.“ (Quelle)

In der Fan- und Kritikrezeption kommt diese Folge unheimlich gut an. Ich kann mich dieser Mehrheitsmeinung nur bedingt anschließen. Ich finde die Geschichte irgendwie zerfahren. Aber der Dreh in Paris ist absolut fabulös! Da haben sich die sechs Drehtage gelohnt.

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