DVD-Sichtung „Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars“

Pyramids of Mars is the third serial of the 13th season of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts from 25 October to 15 November 1975. In Egypt in 1911, Marcus Scarman excavates a pyramid and finds the door to the burial chamber is inscribed with the Eye of Horus. Scarman’s Egyptian assistants panic and flee, leaving the Professor to enter the chamber alone. As he holds a light up to see the tomb, he is blasted by a green ray.“ (Quelle)

Während mir die Folge insgesamt nicht sonderlich gut gefiel, war doch die finale Auseinandersetzung zwischen Doctor und Antagonist ziemlich beeindruckend. Ebenso fallen diesmal Extras auf der DVD sehr umfangreich aus. Das Unterhaltsamste dabei ist Oh Mummy: Sutehk’s Story.

„At last, the full untold story of Sutekh the Destroyer, last of the Osirians – and his career after Pyramids of Mars – in a very funny and eminently quotable comedy sketch written by and starring Rob Hammond and directed by Matt West. Gabriel Woolf once again provides the vocal talent as the voice of Sutekh. Made at zero-cost to the disc’s budget, Oh Mummy was originally intended to be the disc’s Easter Egg, but after an absolutely rapturous reception during a test screening at PanoptiCon 2003, it was quickly upgraded to full-feature status. If you’ve ever hankered to hear Sutekh saying „I bring Sutekh’s gift of jelly to all human life“, this is the feature you’ve been waiting for.“


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