„American Sniper“ shows how war is merely the continuation of competition by other means

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We’ve seen movies about soldiers who thrive in war. For instance, both „The Indian Runner“ and „The Hurt Locker“ go a long ways to put their respective protagonist’s bad-assity on display. Additionally, they also deal heavily with these men’s inability to find meaning in returning to civilian life. While „The Indian Runner“ ends with Viggo Mortensen’s character on the run from the law, „The Hurt Locker“ throws Jeremy Renner right back into the theatre of war – it has become the only environment he functions well in. Neither film lets the audience off the hook by glossing over their central characters‘ fundamental disconnect from society.

So even though „American Sniper“ does something similar and ends its story on a note that concedes the devastating effects of combat experience on the male psyche, it doesn’t accomplish anything intriguing. Much to the detriment of its potential meaningfulness, AS is…

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