Relaxing the Japanese way

Wo wird gechillt? Richtig, hier.


(See page 2 for the German version)

As there is no word in Japanese for ‚to sleep in‘ (朝寝坊する, asanebou suru, ‚to oversleep‘ has a rather negative connotation), and for ‚to relax‘ in general ‚rirakkusu suru‘, which was borrowed from the English verb, is beig used, I was seriously worried that the myth of the hard-working and never resting stereotype Japanese person is actually true. Now that I live in Japan, I know that fortunately it is not a 100% true (- although we Germans with our weeklong holidays, leisurely days on our balconies and Sundays without any open shops are most certainly better at relaxing and comfortably doing nothing than the average Japanese person).

Like I once again found out during my last stay in Hakone, in Japan, a great place to relax would be a ryokan. Ryokan are traditional Japanese inns that originated in the Edo…

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