Living in Japan: Tokyo vs. the Countryside

Notorische Fernwehler aufgepasst – NipponNews incoming.


(See page 2 for the German version)

A few days ago, when we were eating dinner in a family-friendly izakaya (a type of Japanese restaurant, normally a drinking establishment), a group of young mothers with their children was sitting at the table next to us. Their little children were really behaving like little children, – when a glass of water was knocked over, one of them started crying because its clothes got wet, and soon another child was whining about wanting to go home because it was tired. When the group started leaving, one of the women came to us and apologized for all the noise. After that a group of elderly gentlemen, who were either in a particularly good mood or already a little bit drunk were to sit at that table. They joked around with the waitress and even started singing a song, which was all quite amusing.


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