Visiting the Snow Monkeys in Nagano

Ich fühle mich Schneeaffen sehr verbunden – das sollte man wissen.


(See page 2 for the German Version)

This year we spent our winter holidays in Nagano. We wanted to go snowboarding – and to see the almost world famous snow monkeys. Yes, they really seem to be that famous, – even my mother had heard of them because of a German TV documentary. Of course it is indeed fascinating because where else can you see wild monkeys bathing in a hot spring? Jigokudani Yaenkoen is the park where the monkeys, Japanese macaques, are living; about thirty years ago, the first bathing monkeys had been discovered there, and it is believed that they started doing so after watching humans bathing in an onsen.

Getting to the monkey park was not the easiest thing to do, as we first had to go by shuttle bus from our ski resort to Yudanaka train station and from there, with rarely any buses…

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