Japan vs. Germany II: The Christmas Edition

Weihnachten hier – Weihnachten dort!


(See page 2 for the German version)

This year I did not fly back to Germany to spend the Christmas holidays with my family. It was okay. A few tears were shed, inevitably, a melancholy Facebook Post was written, but Christmas time is not that long, and after it is over, you can already look forward to a few free days and the Japanese New Year, which is also like a “family celebration”, here.

Nevertheless, I will try to spend Christmas next year at „home“ in Germany. Of course, spending Christmas in Japan is not that bad (except for the fact that most people have to work as it is not a national holiday). Everywhere in Tokyo you can admire the flashing Christmas lights, as the different areas in Tokyo are trying to outdo each other by using even more hundreds of thousands of LED lights than the year before.

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