Kaffeepause in Ikebukuro

Unterstütze ich gerne.


Although I have lived near Ikebukuro for some time, I never quite got used to its streets and train exits. Still, I know that it is famous for cat cafes and the Sunshine City complex with the Sunshine 60 skyscraper, once having been the tallest building in Japan. I also remember how the large Hello Kitty shop nearby fascinated me on my first visit to Japan.

Now I sometimes like going shopping there, just because it seems a little bit less crowded than Shinjuku or the other famous shopping areas. (And I can even find (women) shoes in my size in Ikebukuro`s Marui department store, – something that is really rare for me in Japan!) Also, after some research on the internet, I found that actually there are some interesting cafes, too, hidden in the backstreets of Ikebukuro (but not impossible to find in the days of Google maps ;)).

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