Proposal unterwegs!

In der Mail, die ich gestern Abend bekam, heißt es:

Hello Rudolf T Inderst ,

Thank you for your submission, ‚Entering A New Age: How MMOG-Guilds Can Be Understood As Utopian Communities‘.

We recieved your proposal and will let you know soon whether it has been accepted for the conference.

Und darum ging es:

CALL FOR PAPERS for panel entitled, „Gaming our Future? Time-Politics-Security in a Virtual World“

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONFERENCE, New York, USA, February 15th through the 18th of 2009

The space that digital games occupy in many people’s lives has grown exponentially. Research on the socio-political ramifications of digital games has not, however, and is only now beginning to catch up. This panel seeks to redress the theoretical gap between this world and a growing number of virtual worlds and welcomes therefore papers that explore the relationship between digital games and questions of time, politics/political agency, and security using insights gained from the Social Sciences as well as the Humanities.

Mal sehen, was rauskommt! Drücken Sie mir die Daumen!

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